Thursday, January 29, 2015

Don’t you Worry About A Thing, SCANDAL is BACK


Ok I am soo happy today there is nothing that can spoil my mood. If you are a true Gladiator like me, you already know why I am happy.
The long awaited Season 4 of ABC's Scandal returns tonight Thurs 9/8c.
We all know that Ms. Shonda Rhimes runs a tight lip ship so there is very little information to what we will uncover tonight in this cliffhanger, that left us with Olivia, "Livy", if you nasty , being snatched up.
The big question on our minds could this be Papa Pope trying to teach his hard headed baby girl a lesson or maybe it's the double spies responsible for the whole West Angola war attempt.
Of course you know the whole gladiator crew will unite with knight in shining armor Jake, leading the charge. Fitz, Mr. Leader of the free world, who is really just a jealous boy in president's clothing will follow somewhere behind, well, after a glass of bourbon and a short cry to ease his nerves.
This episode's name is "Run" Haven't we heard this call to action before? Maybe we heard this from Papa Pope himself when he warned Olivia to "Run! From the burning building called the white house."
Of course Olivia didn't listen, just like she didn't listen and returned from the island of paradise. Nor did she listen when Mama Pope second her husband in telling her baby girl that she was meant for better than just "being the white house help"
Maybe this time Olivia will get the message loud and clear and stop her childish game of spin the bottle with her two Bo's.
We know better to think Olivia will stay missing for long. All I can say is get home, get dinner done early, break open your favorite bottle of red wine and Run! Don't walk to the flat screen Scandal Is back.


Monday, January 26, 2015

Dusting off the Cobwebs, Finding Me

Wow, I haven't been here for a while. I am not sure why I ever went away, I guess life just happened. So now where do I start (or restart). I liked blogging, I also liked joining in on my YouTube groups.
 I think blogging is easier. I don't have the budget for fancy camera and lighting equipment that most YouTube Gurus all have. I really don't see myself purchasing some $500 camera, with Dr. Bills and, one son in college and one family car.

Don't get me wrong, I love to shop with the best of the Diva's. I just do this on a smaller budget and in sporadic moments. Sometimes I am  in a make-up haul mood and others fashion and accessories.
I love a nice handbag, that's my downfall.  But as any good mom knows, the family always comes first and mommy things are somewhere need the bottom of the priority list.

I am always working on this, a happy home means a happy mommy who is not burnt out. I am still a work in progress.

So today I am dusting off , my blogger skills and hitting reboot. I will start with baby steps, one post a week commitment unless I really am in the mood, or I find some lovely followers who motivate me to post more often.
I know you are out there. I know we share common interest, like kids, cooking, budgeting, fashion , and vents.  I don't fit into a neat box, and neither do you. You are not just a mom, a wife, a homemaker. We are so much more and we have big dreams so lets discover and share them together.