Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hello And Happy Holiday!  I know I have been away too long. I have been kinda busy lately. And honestly I have been going through some family issues.

I had a great Thanksgiving. Minus some in-laws complaints and rudeness. But I love my Fl family so much.  They made Fl fun.  It made my kids know they were not alone and they did have cousins and family.

To  start  I have not had any major hauls in the make-up department. My skin has been acting so funny because of the winter weather. I am really getting dry skin. Plus my eye area has been irrated. For that reason on my wishlist I am going to try Too Faced Shadow Insurance as a eyeshadow primer.  I am thinking my Urban Decay is too drying and I might be allergic to it. Also on my wishlist which I hope to pick up soon is Revlon Colorstay Foundation.  I have heard soo much about it. And Although I love my Clinique Superfit I am thinking I need a change for the winter tempertures of that too.
So I am trying a drugstore brand. I have heard that it is comparable to MAC and even Make-Up Forever HD. So if it can save some money but workd and is good for my skin why not give it a shot.

What has been my new make-up obsession is Rihanna's purple lipstick look. If someone anyone has ideas to what she is wearing let me know.

I know I might have let some of you down on the cooking front. But I aim to make up for it in time for your christmas dinner.
My Turkey is already setting in a cold bath of brine I swear by.Williams- Sonoma Apple & Spices Turkey Brine. . Ok this will make you  the turkey Queen. Your turkey will come out so moist and tender and seasoned inside and out. Ok is $18 a jar but I used half a jar and saved the rest for next season. ANd it came out fine.
The plan is rinse a partial defrosted turkey.  Take out inards( neck, gizzard package)  and fill a large pot with cold water and brine water. ( Brine has to be boiled then cooled to room temperture) Let you turkey take a brine bath for 12-24 hours before roasting day. Rinse turkey when ready to cook to get all that salt water out and lightly season as you would. In my case thats butter and sage, polutry season and pepper.Remember the formula for roasting turkey 1/2 hr* lb of bird.. Ex 14 lb bird,( my bird 3 1/2 hrs or 4 hrs).

 I have some other recipes that I promise I will post . I just want to make them all neat for you guys.
I have a easy, christmas breakfast idea. I usually make a crescent ring with fruit in the middle or monkey bread. This year I am making gorilla bread. Which is a step above monkey bread.

On that note .... I am so behind this year. I still have not finished my shopping. I also got pnemonia 2 wks ago. Which I am not sure is completly gone. I had a cough when I left for FL which in cold wet wheather turned into cold in my chest and mucus build up. Which kind of settled in my chest with the over the counter meds I was taking. I finally got some antibiotics. And some rest. So far I got my voice back, lost the cough, still have a little mucus in chest. But breathing better. I was a sick puppy.Energy levels are not up to par.
In trying to get myself in the christmas spirit I did do nails, and hubby( feeling sorry for me) put Frosty out for me. Tree was up before we left for thankgiving ( thank god). So I  am in the last mintue crunch.
So here is my nail inspirations( Candy cane nails)

Peace, & luv to all of you.
Merry X-mas, Happy Kwannzaa, Prosperous New Year!