Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ok all its almost Thanksgiving. Time to kiss the diets goodbye, for the start of the new holiday eating. And to all those turkey first timers , I will be posting some tried and true recipies. But let's not forget the true meaning of the holiday. Thankfulness! Give thanks from where you are right now. Behind on bills, but not homeless, unemployed but getting assistance.single but healthy,sick but still have hope.We forget to appreciate what already have when we are wishing for something more. So remember you are already blessed with so much if you take the time to be Thankful!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Style Black Dupes

Hello my Butterflies, Ok what have I been up to you ask?

Getting ready for FALL what else.I have the decorations out, and I am collecting recipies. I checking out all the Fall style updates. From my take its very 80's retro. So break out those leg warmers( their back).
As well as those not figure flattering sweater dresses. I like the come back of the legging. But sweater tunics and dress not so much. If you are not a perfect size 4 I am not sure if its for you. Done right you can hide a tummy issue. But you might lose and shape of a figure in the process.

Ok on to my other favorite subject make-up.....

Style Black by MAC- Ok I had a weakness I went to get my studio sculpt and had to pick something up.

My purcahse was Cinderfella eyeshadow. I thought the black would be good for the smokey fall eye.
I was right. In following  youtubers some of the other eyeshadows in this collection is a hit too.
Gilt By Association  and Goth Punk. One is a gold glitter color and the other a purple glitter color.
One thing I have to say is fall-out! Do eyes first then do foundation and stuff. So you can clean up fall out.
Lipgloss in this collection is ok. If I really had money to burn I would get the Blackfire lipgloss.
But you can find cheaper dupes. Speaking of dupes, I found one for Cinderfella  if you are not that in to glitter. NYX's Oydessy will do. It is black with a little less glitter than Cinderfella.
But Cinderfella looks so pretty in packaging  .

Now you Divas know I am a pinky girl, so here are my pics with my pink style black look.
Products used, Costal Scents pallete for pink and highlight and  MAC Cinderfella, Lash Blast and Hip gel liner. Lips of choice MAC Up The Amp.

As promised I will be posting and updating more often. Look for upcoming Fall comfort food recipies.

Peace & luv
Butterfly Divas