Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hello And Happy Holiday!  I know I have been away too long. I have been kinda busy lately. And honestly I have been going through some family issues.

I had a great Thanksgiving. Minus some in-laws complaints and rudeness. But I love my Fl family so much.  They made Fl fun.  It made my kids know they were not alone and they did have cousins and family.

To  start  I have not had any major hauls in the make-up department. My skin has been acting so funny because of the winter weather. I am really getting dry skin. Plus my eye area has been irrated. For that reason on my wishlist I am going to try Too Faced Shadow Insurance as a eyeshadow primer.  I am thinking my Urban Decay is too drying and I might be allergic to it. Also on my wishlist which I hope to pick up soon is Revlon Colorstay Foundation.  I have heard soo much about it. And Although I love my Clinique Superfit I am thinking I need a change for the winter tempertures of that too.
So I am trying a drugstore brand. I have heard that it is comparable to MAC and even Make-Up Forever HD. So if it can save some money but workd and is good for my skin why not give it a shot.

What has been my new make-up obsession is Rihanna's purple lipstick look. If someone anyone has ideas to what she is wearing let me know.

I know I might have let some of you down on the cooking front. But I aim to make up for it in time for your christmas dinner.
My Turkey is already setting in a cold bath of brine I swear by.Williams- Sonoma Apple & Spices Turkey Brine. . Ok this will make you  the turkey Queen. Your turkey will come out so moist and tender and seasoned inside and out. Ok is $18 a jar but I used half a jar and saved the rest for next season. ANd it came out fine.
The plan is rinse a partial defrosted turkey.  Take out inards( neck, gizzard package)  and fill a large pot with cold water and brine water. ( Brine has to be boiled then cooled to room temperture) Let you turkey take a brine bath for 12-24 hours before roasting day. Rinse turkey when ready to cook to get all that salt water out and lightly season as you would. In my case thats butter and sage, polutry season and pepper.Remember the formula for roasting turkey 1/2 hr* lb of bird.. Ex 14 lb bird,( my bird 3 1/2 hrs or 4 hrs).

 I have some other recipes that I promise I will post . I just want to make them all neat for you guys.
I have a easy, christmas breakfast idea. I usually make a crescent ring with fruit in the middle or monkey bread. This year I am making gorilla bread. Which is a step above monkey bread.

On that note .... I am so behind this year. I still have not finished my shopping. I also got pnemonia 2 wks ago. Which I am not sure is completly gone. I had a cough when I left for FL which in cold wet wheather turned into cold in my chest and mucus build up. Which kind of settled in my chest with the over the counter meds I was taking. I finally got some antibiotics. And some rest. So far I got my voice back, lost the cough, still have a little mucus in chest. But breathing better. I was a sick puppy.Energy levels are not up to par.
In trying to get myself in the christmas spirit I did do nails, and hubby( feeling sorry for me) put Frosty out for me. Tree was up before we left for thankgiving ( thank god). So I  am in the last mintue crunch.
So here is my nail inspirations( Candy cane nails)

Peace, & luv to all of you.
Merry X-mas, Happy Kwannzaa, Prosperous New Year!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Good , Bad & Ugly

Ok I meant to post this when I was feeling inspirational. I just forgot. Well, I haven't been buying anything lately. I looking to Christmas shopping now. I know there are going to be some big ticket items if God is willing and everything goes right. So my budget is tighter now.
What I have got, is over that past 3 months. I wanted a MAC everday brown neutral pallete. So I saw a friend on youtube selling stuff and I got a quard from her. I had only one eyeshadow single which was Sable. I depotted and repotted my Sable in the quad to get all brown shades. The quad was the Tempting quad. I took out spark recased that.
I also had put in a Clinique order for my 3 step program. But I waited til new bonus buys came out. That way I get a gift too. I bought the holiday 3 step with travel size set and got a bonus gift. I promised to post  swatches on my youtube video so see them below.
Review-  I must say. I think I am loving the Clinque quad more than MAC.I would even go as far as to say that one of the colors looks like a dupe for Sable.
I think  if I had to pack only one it wouldn't matter.Tempting is a really great color.
I can't do a look right now because I have a rash that I am almost sure came from Elf Duo eyeshadow Cream. Second time I tried it and second time it happened. If this case if you are looking for a base as I was. Stick to MA, Painterly Paint Pot or a NYX jumbo pencil.
Elf Eyeshadow cream has got to go.
I noticed no one is commenting. Comment if you drop by to say hi. I starting to feel like I am talking to myself.
(Clinique Holiday Set + bonus)

(Clinque Eyeshadow Quad)                                   ( Mac Tempting Quad w/SAble)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ok all its almost Thanksgiving. Time to kiss the diets goodbye, for the start of the new holiday eating. And to all those turkey first timers , I will be posting some tried and true recipies. But let's not forget the true meaning of the holiday. Thankfulness! Give thanks from where you are right now. Behind on bills, but not homeless, unemployed but getting assistance.single but healthy,sick but still have hope.We forget to appreciate what already have when we are wishing for something more. So remember you are already blessed with so much if you take the time to be Thankful!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Style Black Dupes

Hello my Butterflies, Ok what have I been up to you ask?

Getting ready for FALL what else.I have the decorations out, and I am collecting recipies. I checking out all the Fall style updates. From my take its very 80's retro. So break out those leg warmers( their back).
As well as those not figure flattering sweater dresses. I like the come back of the legging. But sweater tunics and dress not so much. If you are not a perfect size 4 I am not sure if its for you. Done right you can hide a tummy issue. But you might lose and shape of a figure in the process.

Ok on to my other favorite subject make-up.....

Style Black by MAC- Ok I had a weakness I went to get my studio sculpt and had to pick something up.

My purcahse was Cinderfella eyeshadow. I thought the black would be good for the smokey fall eye.
I was right. In following  youtubers some of the other eyeshadows in this collection is a hit too.
Gilt By Association  and Goth Punk. One is a gold glitter color and the other a purple glitter color.
One thing I have to say is fall-out! Do eyes first then do foundation and stuff. So you can clean up fall out.
Lipgloss in this collection is ok. If I really had money to burn I would get the Blackfire lipgloss.
But you can find cheaper dupes. Speaking of dupes, I found one for Cinderfella  if you are not that in to glitter. NYX's Oydessy will do. It is black with a little less glitter than Cinderfella.
But Cinderfella looks so pretty in packaging  .

Now you Divas know I am a pinky girl, so here are my pics with my pink style black look.
Products used, Costal Scents pallete for pink and highlight and  MAC Cinderfella, Lash Blast and Hip gel liner. Lips of choice MAC Up The Amp.

As promised I will be posting and updating more often. Look for upcoming Fall comfort food recipies.

Peace & luv
Butterfly Divas

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What has the World Come To????

First let me preface this with I am in total support of laws cracking down on all child pornargraphy and child abuse. This is a sick fetish. No stronger than that, it is evil to abuse a child who has no choice because you are bigger and stronger and scarier. Even if you were abused, you know it is wrong and should seek help and work to help others because you know their weakness.

Now in current events a family in Peroia, Ariz who harmlessly took their family vaction pics to Walmart to have them printed were reported to the police and CPS by a Walmart photo lab person. The pics had what we all have somewhere in our photo albums innocent pics of kids getting out of bathtub partially nude.
Now, are we suppose to bath our kids fully clothed? Or should we just  resit the urge to capture that Kodak moment of  lil Jack or Jane at that tender age we will  never see them at again.Little toes, little fingers, little tush. What about the pics of little Albert's first potty time is that banned in America too??
To most parents that is a note worthy accomplishement. Now I understand, I don't think I would post those pics to internet. Why fuel the fantasies of some sicko? But I might just want to share those pics with grandma like 500 miles away.
Another point to mention, what is the screening process of Walmart employees? How do we know this overzealous employee doesn't have some personal or religious hangups.? Who made them judge and jury to tear our families apart. I never had this happen to me (thank God). But I have had family memebers who had an a slight suspicion of child neglect or abuse can snatch your kids right out of your arms. And it s like fight wolves to get them back and everythign thing cleared up.
Not to slam my best bargin shopping spot, but some employees look pretty seedy to me.
On another child topic The VIEW 9/17/09
Had and episode about spanking your child.( Corpal punishment)

They were talking about a study that showed that spanking had more bad effects on children than previously thought. 3 were in favor 1 aganist ( Joy). With Latoya Jackson on pannel.
Culturally there are differences. There are reasons that African Americans find no issue with laying hands on a backside every now an then if need be. There are reason why white america are more lenient.Historically they never had to raise their children. AA  had safe guarding rules to live by to insure their lives. Some still might be effect to bring back in cases like Boston's House arrest of Prof Kates.
There again is a big difference between swating a behind or legs and bruising and leaving marks and physical and mental scars. As I said before abuse is abuse. And all ABUSE is WRONG!
A child needs structure, and limits. .And with this, with an unruley child there might  need to be matters of enforcement. What types of enforcement depends on the the event. And many option should be tried. But if it is a choice to teach a valuable lesson that has to be learned I agree that a spanking might be what is in order.
I learned early on that I did like  getting one, so I did what I needed to avoid them. Lessons learned.
Maybe we should spend more time patroling the sickos and the ones hurting the kids for spite. Lock them up. Close down the human trafficking, and internet kiddy porn first. And let parents stand up and parent their kids. Are we protecting kids or policing parents?
You comment back let me know??

Monday, September 14, 2009

Back In the Grind2

Ok, I have been missing in action. I don't know why just a funk I 've been in lately.

Anyway kids are really back to school now. Full weeks of school, means menus pre-planned. It just makes sense to have a grip on whats for dinner when you don't have control of too much else that goes on in the hectic family life. So my tip of the day is, plan on Sunday, when you have circulars and trusty coupons at hand what your family will be eating for the coming week ahead. If you cook extra you just gave yourself take along lunches too. My staples are meatball madness Thurs ala
( Hancock). So I only have to think of what to eat the other 4 days of the week.

To start you off I will post a pass on from my BFF that I altered a little but it was the
bomb. Salmon Cakes

What else is good in the world?
Well I have been stalking some make-up sites and YouTube Tuts, everything seems pretty much mundane now.Fall trends are "the cat-eye", still the "smokey eye", and deep lip colors. Seems like we have seen this before. No, gotta run not walk buys, no fab fall must haves.I think you can really take the time to take inventory of what you have and save up for winter debuts.One noteworthy mention. MAC has come out with their HD make-up line. Should Make-Up Forever be worried?????

On the Entertainment front. Drum Roll please.....
Oprah is back! Yaay! Today is the infamous Whitney interview so set the Tivos and Divos put some cookies out for the kids and set the cell to vibrate.
4pm ABC EST I will be in front of the TV .
As for Whitney, I do love her. She had the greatest voice and we need her back these days. But from her central park gig I don't know if her time has passed. I have gotten her debut single Look to You. But I think it is PR pushing her come back. I hope she really knows how talented she is and wants this for the craft. Not just for some extra funds to supply her habit( bad boys, drugs, drama). But I got my fingers crossed and I am wishing her well from the heart. Just keepin it real.

OK now I promise to post more.To get this thing up and popin.
Peace & Luv

Monday, July 27, 2009

Ok I have been gone for a while. Mainly because nothing interesting has happened. I have finished my summer semester. Hooray! One small step for me, one large step towards my nursing degree. I am now in between figuring out my next moves and getting kids ready for school. To any moms out there , whats your plan on school shopping and getting good deals.?

On the make-up front, I did make a small purchase of some lip gloss to celebrate a little. I might post a look.

I also wanted to test out a website and see how their shipping and products were.
Nice shopping, fast delivery. I would use them again. Good if you don't want to pay full price or missed some stuff. They have discontinued products.


still waiting on this on.Oh by the way I did return the Clinique concealer, but I did not get MAC Studio Sculpt I think I will put up a wishlist of things I want. ANd then we can talk about them when I get them.
For now
Peace& luv

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

OK it has been a bad couple of days. On June 25 , 2009 we lost the greatest artist of the 21 century.It is still stinking in that is why I haven't followed up with a blog.
Now the media is up to their regular routine that they did most of Mr. Jackson's career.
There are speculations of his prescription drug use. Like we don't all use a pain pill when we are in bad pain. They want to dig up his children's mother who was a surrogate and gave up her rights. I am sure some lawyers are telling her she can get child support.

But what about the human emotions? Have we become cold cyborgs?

The family is in moaning. They lost their son, brother, father, uncle. Lots of fans and friends that knew him are missing him. Why do we still have to pry and look for dirt. Or make it up.?
Doesn't it end with death?
Michael gave the world so much of himself. We owe him something we did not give him in life. Respect and his dignity.
Do we want to say goodbye or use this as another publicity and money generating opportunity? I think we need to watch our actions now. And the actions of others and where are they really coming from.
I was a childhood fan of MJ. I admired him for what he did. But I saw him as a person. too. Thank you MJ for being you.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Ok all I have been a bad girl, bad girl. Major make-up hauls.
It has been a stressful week/weeks and you know what that means??? Shopping
Yep, will it started out harmless enough . One little purchase from Coastal Scents that I have been thinking about for a while( 78 Eye shadows palette). And then I went crazy. I really wanted my MAC Sculpt concealer, but I wanted to try Clinique for a lighter color of my Superfit foundation. And guess what? Nordstroms had a BONUS Day.

Lets just say I never made it to MAC. I did stop by Sephoria to try for samples of MUFE HD foundation. No luck. But I did get a try on. And a sample primer. The MUFE looked good on me. But $40 is alot to swallow on a fixed income. But for now I think I am done.I got foundation I can live with. And eyeshadows to play with so I shouldn't be buying anything soon. I might run out of my 3 step program(Clinique Facial Wash) But hopefully hubby will pick that up for me. :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

WOW! Fun, Fun

Hello all!

Welcome to my first blog page. Well its kind of my first. I will be making changes as I go along. As you grow,you learn more. Make yourself at home. We can share and grow together. For now, its Graduation season so I am getting my teen already for that. Ahhhh!

How to pick out a formal outfit for a kid with no style without cramping their freedom of expression?

Next Blog will feature my make-up hauls hopeful( Hey Mr. Postman!)