Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spring Spree!

Hello Spring,

OK,  I am not doing that great at keeping this blog updated. I guess I have to figure out a way to get some blogging done.  I just put up a YouTube update, Isis2775 (check it out) so this is a follow up to that.

What have I been doing?? Not really much, I finished school now I am looking to make my degree work for me. I have been making little purchases for myself. We really need a new car so I am kind of saving for that.
I really wasn't thinking about spring fashion shopping.  I am more into getting healthy and spiritually good.

I have bought so crystals and some books. I did plant my garden. This year I did the tomatoes, green peppers again. I also planted butter lettuce and spinach. I love green drinks. I will be posting videos on what I put in mine. I also planted okra, cucumbers, peas and green beans and carrots.  I wanted to plant cantaloupe but I need to put in another raised bed.  I have the land just need the man power.

Couponing is my big hobby now. I have my coupon binder and I hope to get the coupon cover tote bag for it. So far my savings are about half off my shopping budget. But I made lots of mistakes. My stockpile is growing . And this is the best part. I understand how to do this. I just have to get out there and take advantage while staying on budget.