Saturday, November 6, 2010


Ok first , I guess I am in a funk. On a political front things are shakey. I voted but lots of others did n't. I am tired with people. They want to complain but do nothing to try to make a change. I personally feel better when a least I try. I am not a democract. I listen to both sides and decide which supports the most issues I agree with. Right now I feel like everything is standing still. I wamt to be out of school. I want to be comfortable with my career. I want to be progressing on home improvements. Everything feels stuck. I might even shut down this blog. No one seems like they read it. Blog world is oversatuated New people can't get any followers. I am motivated by interaction. Its like everything is the same. The color this fall should be gray, it feels like that.
Until next time, peace.