Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What has the World Come To????

First let me preface this with I am in total support of laws cracking down on all child pornargraphy and child abuse. This is a sick fetish. No stronger than that, it is evil to abuse a child who has no choice because you are bigger and stronger and scarier. Even if you were abused, you know it is wrong and should seek help and work to help others because you know their weakness.

Now in current events a family in Peroia, Ariz who harmlessly took their family vaction pics to Walmart to have them printed were reported to the police and CPS by a Walmart photo lab person. The pics had what we all have somewhere in our photo albums innocent pics of kids getting out of bathtub partially nude.
Now, are we suppose to bath our kids fully clothed? Or should we just  resit the urge to capture that Kodak moment of  lil Jack or Jane at that tender age we will  never see them at again.Little toes, little fingers, little tush. What about the pics of little Albert's first potty time is that banned in America too??
To most parents that is a note worthy accomplishement. Now I understand, I don't think I would post those pics to internet. Why fuel the fantasies of some sicko? But I might just want to share those pics with grandma like 500 miles away.
Another point to mention, what is the screening process of Walmart employees? How do we know this overzealous employee doesn't have some personal or religious hangups.? Who made them judge and jury to tear our families apart. I never had this happen to me (thank God). But I have had family memebers who had an a slight suspicion of child neglect or abuse can snatch your kids right out of your arms. And it s like fight wolves to get them back and everythign thing cleared up.
Not to slam my best bargin shopping spot, but some employees look pretty seedy to me.
On another child topic The VIEW 9/17/09
Had and episode about spanking your child.( Corpal punishment)

They were talking about a study that showed that spanking had more bad effects on children than previously thought. 3 were in favor 1 aganist ( Joy). With Latoya Jackson on pannel.
Culturally there are differences. There are reasons that African Americans find no issue with laying hands on a backside every now an then if need be. There are reason why white america are more lenient.Historically they never had to raise their children. AA  had safe guarding rules to live by to insure their lives. Some still might be effect to bring back in cases like Boston's House arrest of Prof Kates.
There again is a big difference between swating a behind or legs and bruising and leaving marks and physical and mental scars. As I said before abuse is abuse. And all ABUSE is WRONG!
A child needs structure, and limits. .And with this, with an unruley child there might  need to be matters of enforcement. What types of enforcement depends on the the event. And many option should be tried. But if it is a choice to teach a valuable lesson that has to be learned I agree that a spanking might be what is in order.
I learned early on that I did like  getting one, so I did what I needed to avoid them. Lessons learned.
Maybe we should spend more time patroling the sickos and the ones hurting the kids for spite. Lock them up. Close down the human trafficking, and internet kiddy porn first. And let parents stand up and parent their kids. Are we protecting kids or policing parents?
You comment back let me know??

Monday, September 14, 2009

Back In the Grind2

Ok, I have been missing in action. I don't know why just a funk I 've been in lately.

Anyway kids are really back to school now. Full weeks of school, means menus pre-planned. It just makes sense to have a grip on whats for dinner when you don't have control of too much else that goes on in the hectic family life. So my tip of the day is, plan on Sunday, when you have circulars and trusty coupons at hand what your family will be eating for the coming week ahead. If you cook extra you just gave yourself take along lunches too. My staples are meatball madness Thurs ala
( Hancock). So I only have to think of what to eat the other 4 days of the week.

To start you off I will post a pass on from my BFF that I altered a little but it was the
bomb. Salmon Cakes

What else is good in the world?
Well I have been stalking some make-up sites and YouTube Tuts, everything seems pretty much mundane now.Fall trends are "the cat-eye", still the "smokey eye", and deep lip colors. Seems like we have seen this before. No, gotta run not walk buys, no fab fall must haves.I think you can really take the time to take inventory of what you have and save up for winter debuts.One noteworthy mention. MAC has come out with their HD make-up line. Should Make-Up Forever be worried?????

On the Entertainment front. Drum Roll please.....
Oprah is back! Yaay! Today is the infamous Whitney interview so set the Tivos and Divos put some cookies out for the kids and set the cell to vibrate.
4pm ABC EST I will be in front of the TV .
As for Whitney, I do love her. She had the greatest voice and we need her back these days. But from her central park gig I don't know if her time has passed. I have gotten her debut single Look to You. But I think it is PR pushing her come back. I hope she really knows how talented she is and wants this for the craft. Not just for some extra funds to supply her habit( bad boys, drugs, drama). But I got my fingers crossed and I am wishing her well from the heart. Just keepin it real.

OK now I promise to post more.To get this thing up and popin.
Peace & Luv