Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas Tree.....

Ok that was last year's tree. It looks kind of empty to me. Hopefully year's tree will be better. First this was last year's Black Friday catch,( the pre-lit tree) I think I payed $29 for it. Ok my husband says thats what a $29 tree looks like.  I think I was just rushing trimming it.  I plan on using the same tree, just more ornamants and more time. 
Ok  here is my Top Do List

  1. Get Christmas decorations  out
  2. Buy wrapping paper and bows
  3. Get some more house Christmas  decorations
  4. Look for good sale on Yard inflatable and light up reindeer.
  5. Start Christmas shopping for boys.
  6. Start Christmas shopping  for family & friends.
Ok #4 is because I think my current deers have had it. The still light , I think at least one but don't move anymore. And I really want a large snow globe ornament. And I am going to make sure everything works on the timer. Dear hubby seem to figure this out.

I really want to go to The Container Store, in Raleigh ( I have never been. I know I should find lots of stuff I can use. I have already been working on home organization. I still have areas to work on. The down stairs bathroom we need a better system for medicine storage and I still would like to have a neat bedroom closet system. So far I am working on  kitchen.

One thing on my list is a gift wrapping storage system. I hate having to get paper for parties or gift bags.  Its so expensive to buy that stuff at the last minute.
On to Black Friday Update 
For me it was a bust. I did the 12 midnight run. I went straight to target. I really don't have a big list this year. Kids need clothes, college bound son wants SAT test prep books.  Hubby needs clothes and yard tools.  Youngest son wants video games but will probably only get one and books too.
Education comes first. 
The big buys look like XBoxes . Looks like some people went a little crazy for X Boxes. Reports of pepper spraying ran rampant. Come on now is this really worth it?  Keep In mind most of this madness happens at Wal-mart. I have noticed  Wal-mart has no supervision on their crowd control or distribution of Black Friday merchandise.  Its all out WWF  brawl  in there. Target, (did I mention that  is my favorite spots) has sales person in parking lot and standing outside to form lines. I think they staff extra employees that day, they even give you store maps so you know where to look for converted items.
Black Friday shopper who was sprayed in the face while trying to purchase video games in a Los Angeles Wal-Mart.

For me I am not getting hurt or hurting others for a sale. Where is the Holiday Spirit? I was back home in bed by 2 am. My find pajamas for boys. I am still looking for the rest of stuff to finish my list but the sales were not that great. I found that most stuff you can still get now and probably up until Christmas.
Come on now how many Flat screen TV's can one have ??? 
Well we are off the the start of the Christmas season. Happy shopping, wrapping, and trimming the tree.!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Money, Money, Money!

Ok  well this post is really about saving money. I have been a follower of   TLC's Extreme Couponing show. I have always used some coupons, but not to the point that I have a stockpile or I can buy $400 worth of stuff and walk out of store only paying $20.   
Frankly, I don't know if it can be done. And if anyone out there reads this blog and is a coupon pro, drop me a line, I am a willing student.
My goals now are to get as close to those on the TV show as possible.  Some like to play lottery, I think this has better odds. lol 
I have already picked up a few tricks of the trade. 

  1.  You need to set up a coupon binder. It is so much easier to see what coupons you have. Plus when you are in the store you don't drop coupons looking for others ( dear hubby).
  2. You need to spend some time looking at coupon blogs for match ups. Pick the ones you like and subscribe or put them in your RSS feeds. I like Coupon Divas will keep you up to date on Store Match- ups, Deals of the day, plus the lingo of coupon.
  3. You need to get coupons. Your newspaper is a start. All You magazine  is better, Ebay is great for multiple coupons. You can add an extra news subscription for a discount. I know you are spending money to get money.  Coupons are money, so its an investment you make back fast.
I also think its addictive. The more I save the more I want to save.  You start to notice sales that you also have coupons for. You stop buying things you don't have a coupon for.

In this economy I want to have a stockpile , you don't know what is gonna happen tomorrow. I have 3 men in my house ( 2 sons & hubby) I can't keep food in here. I hate going to the store every other day. I know that kills any kind of budget I try to keep.

I want to be self sustained .  I want to grow more vegetables and herbs And learn how to re-purpose more things. I want to have money to spend on making memories rather than things. 
 If I can learn this I can teach others. Each one teach one. 

I know I have said it before , but I will post more to this blog and keep whoever reads it up to date. 

So hold me to it!  

Coupon Divas

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Time , Summer Time

OK, it isn't really summer time yet. But it feels like it. In NC it is hot.
 Well, what is up with me????
Work & school, work. That pretty much sums it up. I have recently got a few purchases and put up a few videos on YouTube. I got a webcam, yaay! I want to upgrade my Flip but I hear they are going out of business. That camera is the bomb. I want an HD one with more time.

Any way I promised swatches of  my SUGARPILL Cosmetics haul. so here goes.

Ok this is the best I could do with the swatch. The yellow is Buttercupcake over NYX milk. You can't really see the Absinthe green color beneath it . But that silver glitter line on top is the Lumi.
Ok now I like the Buttercupcake, but it could be more vibrant. I have to build it up.
Absinthe is great on the other hand. These are the loose eye shadows
I might purchase the orange color Flamepoint, but no rush.

 Ok other news on the waterfront.... lol
I am  super hyped about

LOC Appreciation Day June 25, 20111!!!  I already order  my T- shirt. I got get one for my soo too.

Keep updated about events  on the blog

Its not just for loc wearers, but in recognition of locs and natural hair. Our hair has become more than just our hair, naturally. Its a statement whether you want it to be or not. You will get attention good and bad because of your hair style choice. I get stopped or questioned all the time. Most positive. I am not my hair, but me hair is a reflection of me. I am natural, still growing, kind of  always evolving . So my hair does say a lot about me.

Other Updates....

I am growing a container garden , so far, sweet peas, bell peppers, tomatoes,  and string beans. I also got some mint & parsley growing in my kitchen. I am trying to be more self sustainable. If I can grow most of what my family eats that would be a great thing.   I am new at this. I will eventually expand to a raised bed, but I want a year round garden so I have to learn what to plant  so this will be possible.
For fall I am eying sweet potatoes.
 But for now I am getting ready for the summer. Anyone know where to get so cute wedges???

Peace & Luv

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Life is good, right now.

I  really haven't posted in a while. Between work and school I have been really busy.  Ok now is time I am trying to get ready for Spring. When I say get ready I mean, mind , body and home. I am working on some home improvement's. I need to get back to taking care of me and what makes me happy.
I give so much of myself at work sometimes its draining. When I come home I want to have everything around me comfortable. I want to get back into cooking more to and making stuff.
 I am loving school right now. I just want to stay ahead of my work so I have really good grades.
I guess  I have lots of updating  to do here. The Holidays were good. I think my mom was happy. Everyone got what they wanted.
I really want a vacation, with a jacuzzi tub and room service or at least really good exotic tastin food.

That's it for now. I have some gardening ideas and some hauls coming