Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ok I hope all of you have already been to see this movie. If not , what the heck are you waiting for?

For saw many reasons you need to get out and see this one.  First its a true story. This film is based on the trials and tribulations the 1944 Tuskegee Airmen had to go through.  I hope you know that if it were not for them the U.S Military  might have not been totally  integrated. I mean African- Americans played a major role in every war in US history and even the  American Revolution before we were actually the U.S but that didn't matter.

 As ugly a cancer racism is, like today, there was still much progress to be made. The government  started one of its social  experiments in letting a few highly educated brothers go into the air-force and get pilot training in Tuskegee. Since we were thrown into war thanks to Hitler and Japan this gave our boys a chance to make some critics  turn more red than they already were and have to eat their words. Should have been some black cooks ( shit pie a la " The Help).

These young men exceeded every non-expectation and then some. 

This movie captures every minute of their glorious battles both in the air and on the ground.

With star headliners like Cuba Gooding JR. Terrance Howard, Nate Parker ( that fine brother from The Great Debaters), Ne-yo, David Oyelowo ( the Dr. from  Rise of the Planet Apes) and even Method Man who by the way is a great actor, this movie should have been a winner from the start.
But like the real life story of the  332nd Tuskegee Airman, black actors & actress and in Mr. Lucas's case directors/filmmakers, Hollywood didn't feel the same way. Hollywood  i.e every major film studio turned down the production and the distribution of this film because they feared there wasn't a market for such a black film. See that is why Tyler Perry has his own studio.
Guess what Hollywood ( cracker-wood)  $19 million and counting . Hows that for a market ?

We must remember  we are not sound bite, media,or political party controlled robotics. We know what we like or don't like and we do have a voice. 
Use your voice, go take the kids, support this movie.  On your way out if you past by a Occupy protest pick up a sign and if I may take a quote from "Red Tails, Fight, Fight, Fight!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Its a New Day, New Year!

Wow, what happen to the holidays?  It flew by.  OK so we have to make this year a good one. Why you ask? We might not be around after The Mayan predictions of Dec 21, 2012 right?

OK, I am not totally sold on this one. I do think something big is gonna happen or perhaps is already happening.
I think it more about the economic structure collapse than anything. Have you read anything on GDP lately?

The America the Beautiful might be up for sale or having a rent party. What  we the  99% are going through is exactly what the country is going through on a bigger sale. The difference is  for the most  99% its not all our fault.

I don't know if the right thing  to do is what we always do ( at least women) and go shopping or button down and conserve.
For me, and my family we cut back. We are trying to only buy  basics and we are stockpiling food. So far it been going slow. I remember what I had done before 9/11 and how it was then. I am just going back to that set up.
We need reliable transportation. So we will buy that hopefully used and in  cash. We are trying to keep ahead of our bills which is hard in itself.  Cutting back on out cable, Internet and telephone bundle didn't help.
We still have to have a phone line apparently. So really they only took away long distance and caller ID.
I canceled a channel on Direct TV and might do one more we watch movies and Netflix. Our previously low bill went up because hubby had to have HD.
We cook as a family, so we save there. We save eating out to once a month or birthdays.
It just seems harder to make money. Everything is up. I don't know  if anyone besides myself has taken a look at grocery prices but things went up in area the day after New Year's.
So my New Year's Resolution are;

  Save where I can. Buy in bulk but not from whole food stores.
  Cut down on water bill( wash one full load of dishes a day).
  Keep up with extreme coupons ( Not a Pro yet)
  Keep up with social networking(Blog, Youtube, Facebook)
   Prepare for my graduation and sons.

On  the haul shopping front. Not much. Santa got me a Kindle for Christmas so I want more books for that.
There is nothing trendy I really want. I might need some clothing items but I am really funny about

So that's my new info for 2012.