Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Time , Summer Time

OK, it isn't really summer time yet. But it feels like it. In NC it is hot.
 Well, what is up with me????
Work & school, work. That pretty much sums it up. I have recently got a few purchases and put up a few videos on YouTube. I got a webcam, yaay! I want to upgrade my Flip but I hear they are going out of business. That camera is the bomb. I want an HD one with more time.

Any way I promised swatches of  my SUGARPILL Cosmetics haul. so here goes.

Ok this is the best I could do with the swatch. The yellow is Buttercupcake over NYX milk. You can't really see the Absinthe green color beneath it . But that silver glitter line on top is the Lumi.
Ok now I like the Buttercupcake, but it could be more vibrant. I have to build it up.
Absinthe is great on the other hand. These are the loose eye shadows
I might purchase the orange color Flamepoint, but no rush.

 Ok other news on the waterfront.... lol
I am  super hyped about

LOC Appreciation Day June 25, 20111!!!  I already order  my T- shirt. I got get one for my soo too.

Keep updated about events  on the blog

Its not just for loc wearers, but in recognition of locs and natural hair. Our hair has become more than just our hair, naturally. Its a statement whether you want it to be or not. You will get attention good and bad because of your hair style choice. I get stopped or questioned all the time. Most positive. I am not my hair, but me hair is a reflection of me. I am natural, still growing, kind of  always evolving . So my hair does say a lot about me.

Other Updates....

I am growing a container garden , so far, sweet peas, bell peppers, tomatoes,  and string beans. I also got some mint & parsley growing in my kitchen. I am trying to be more self sustainable. If I can grow most of what my family eats that would be a great thing.   I am new at this. I will eventually expand to a raised bed, but I want a year round garden so I have to learn what to plant  so this will be possible.
For fall I am eying sweet potatoes.
 But for now I am getting ready for the summer. Anyone know where to get so cute wedges???

Peace & Luv