Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bah Humbaug!!!!

Ok , I know I have been M.I.A. Its been really busy for me. I have started an online school. I have stress at the job and wouldn't you know Christmas is right around the corner. I am way behind on my shopping. I have been working overtime to make sure I can afford everything I want to do this year. The only thing is I think I should have started in October. Have you noticed it seems everything was early this year.

Black Friday really started Thanksgiving evening. The great sales are this week. It almost impossible to catch your breathe in all the rush.

Well, I was one of those fools out that @ 4 am Black Friday. Actually I was out at 2 am hoping to be first in line. That did not happen. There was at least thirty people in-line ahead of me @ Target.

Yes, I decided Target over Walmart this year. Target had most of what I wanted I did hit Walmart after. Why, I don't know, but most item were already grabbed up. I met a friend who was a life saver. The flat screens went in seconds this year. She got her hands on two( lucky me).
Where am I at now,

My Christmas To Do List:

Make Christmas cookies ( 25 kinds of cookies like I promised I don't know)
Get 16yr olds gifts
Get both boys new PJ's
Get Mom & Mother -in law gifts
Get Kitchen draws out of shop