Monday, July 26, 2010

Hot Days in the Summer 2010!!!!

Ok I know I know where have I been? Well life has been crazy for me. I had some family issues, then on the up side, I started a new job. Thw verdict is still out on whether I love it or hate ( ha, ha). Right now its paying the bills. So that is always good.  Today is my last day of summer classes so I figured lets celebrate with getting back to my blog.  We have a lot of catching up to do?

 Plus , Where are all my readers? is anyone out there??? Write me tell what I am doing wrong, or right or what you want to talk about??

So this is just the hello I am back intro. I hope someone is still out there reading??? I promise to get better . I haven't loss my sense of humor and good topics.

Oh first update , I got the Sprint HTC EVO.  Ok, you had to know I am not a IPhone type of girl. And glad  of it! I think I will put some pics of it and maybe a review.

On the make-up front nothing new. But I am working on that. MAC hasn't impressed me lately. And what happened to HIP Loreal. I haven't seen anyhting new from them lately.

Ok, for now , Peace , Luv & Butterflies.