Monday, July 27, 2009

Ok I have been gone for a while. Mainly because nothing interesting has happened. I have finished my summer semester. Hooray! One small step for me, one large step towards my nursing degree. I am now in between figuring out my next moves and getting kids ready for school. To any moms out there , whats your plan on school shopping and getting good deals.?

On the make-up front, I did make a small purchase of some lip gloss to celebrate a little. I might post a look.

I also wanted to test out a website and see how their shipping and products were.
Nice shopping, fast delivery. I would use them again. Good if you don't want to pay full price or missed some stuff. They have discontinued products.

still waiting on this on.Oh by the way I did return the Clinique concealer, but I did not get MAC Studio Sculpt I think I will put up a wishlist of things I want. ANd then we can talk about them when I get them.
For now
Peace& luv