Tuesday, June 30, 2009

OK it has been a bad couple of days. On June 25 , 2009 we lost the greatest artist of the 21 century.It is still stinking in that is why I haven't followed up with a blog.
Now the media is up to their regular routine that they did most of Mr. Jackson's career.
There are speculations of his prescription drug use. Like we don't all use a pain pill when we are in bad pain. They want to dig up his children's mother who was a surrogate and gave up her rights. I am sure some lawyers are telling her she can get child support.

But what about the human emotions? Have we become cold cyborgs?

The family is in moaning. They lost their son, brother, father, uncle. Lots of fans and friends that knew him are missing him. Why do we still have to pry and look for dirt. Or make it up.?
Doesn't it end with death?
Michael gave the world so much of himself. We owe him something we did not give him in life. Respect and his dignity.
Do we want to say goodbye or use this as another publicity and money generating opportunity? I think we need to watch our actions now. And the actions of others and where are they really coming from.
I was a childhood fan of MJ. I admired him for what he did. But I saw him as a person. too. Thank you MJ for being you.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Ok all I have been a bad girl, bad girl. Major make-up hauls.
It has been a stressful week/weeks and you know what that means??? Shopping
Yep, will it started out harmless enough . One little purchase from Coastal Scents that I have been thinking about for a while( 78 Eye shadows palette). And then I went crazy. I really wanted my MAC Sculpt concealer, but I wanted to try Clinique for a lighter color of my Superfit foundation. And guess what? Nordstroms had a BONUS Day.

Lets just say I never made it to MAC. I did stop by Sephoria to try for samples of MUFE HD foundation. No luck. But I did get a try on. And a sample primer. The MUFE looked good on me. But $40 is alot to swallow on a fixed income. But for now I think I am done.I got foundation I can live with. And eyeshadows to play with so I shouldn't be buying anything soon. I might run out of my 3 step program(Clinique Facial Wash) But hopefully hubby will pick that up for me. :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

WOW! Fun, Fun

Hello all!

Welcome to my first blog page. Well its kind of my first. I will be making changes as I go along. As you grow,you learn more. Make yourself at home. We can share and grow together. For now, its Graduation season so I am getting my teen already for that. Ahhhh!

How to pick out a formal outfit for a kid with no style without cramping their freedom of expression?

Next Blog will feature my make-up hauls hopeful( Hey Mr. Postman!)